Venice offshore April 23rd

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Finaly the wind let up enough to get back offshore. The unfortunate thing is that it just didn’t last long enough as I was only able to get one of my trips off before it started blowing again. Hopefully the wind will give us a break for the rest of the summer. But on Thursday the weather was just about perfect. The only little thing that could be mentioned about the weather was the light fog we had on the way out. I had Tim, Dave and Bryon along with the Pescadora in from Miami on board for a day of tuna fishing. The tuna started to make their presence known while making bait. So after I had a dozen baits in the well I pulled off the rig and set three baits out. I was hoping to make this a one stop trip. And it looked like it was going to be one. As the first three tinkers were converted into yellowfin. The Pescadora caught her first yellowfin and got to taste the heart. So the day was a success since someone caught their first yellowfin. Then the current slowed up and the cudas came out to play after a few of them we went back and made some more bait. At least I had a little cushion on which to start the day with. The next spot would only give us one more yellow before the cudas found us once again. So it was off to the next spot only to find as you guessed it a triple of cudas now the cuda fishing is getting good. At least they were pretty big cudas. I had one more rig to try that I didn’t hit on the way out and it turned out to be all we needed. The first three baits in the water resulted in three bites but only two joined thier buddies in the fishbox. We followed up the double with two more singles and called it a day with a boat limit of yellowfin it’s a nice feeling to leave them biting for another day. The fish were all in the 30-50lb range and were a little outmatched by the Torsa 40/Super Seeker combo. I had 60 mono on the reels, 60 Seaguar fluro and 6/0 Mustad 39952BL hooks. This is pretty much my standard go to outfit for our summertime yellowfin. I should have taken pictures but when it was happening I didn’t even pick up the camera. There was some pictures taken and when they get emailed to me I will add them to this post.

Capt. Mike

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