Winter season is underway

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I am done with the winter sailfish charters I had out of Palm Beach. And hunting
season is winding down. The time not spent in Florida and the woods. Has been
spent in the very windy and not so fishing friendly winter in Venice getting
Relentless ready for our winter big tuna and wahoo season. I have also spent
considerable time in getting the daytime swordfish dialed in and will offer
daytime sword trips this summer as well.
Now that all required boat work is
done we are itching to get out there and hit the usual winter time spots. It’s
looking as it will be a good Febuarary as the yellows are on both of the humps
we generaly fish in the winter. Although they are around the wahoo have taken
the stage for right now with some very good fishing for them. Speaking of the
wahoo I have been working closely with Eagle Claw to come up with the ultimate
replacement hook for the plugs that we use for them. I should be getting the
prototype hooks in a few days. Depending on the number they send me. If you
shoot me a email I will try and get a few handed out for people to try. We will
need good feedback before the final production run comes out. They should fix a
lot of the 1 or 2 for a bunch of bite days. And allow you to increase the fish
caught to bite average. I will be updating my website on a weekly basis and you
can also go to the VideoFishingReports channel on YouTube for a weekly video
update. Until then catch’em up a d if you ready to go fishing so are
Capt. Mike

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