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“The best Captain in Venice! No one is even close to finding the tuna like Relentless Sportfishing. I have been fishing with them once a year for the past 5 and all my clients always have a great time with.”

“Relentless is the best charter fishing boat in Venice, Louisiana! I fish with them each year and they always operate a top notch service. Most of the other guides in Venice are rude and not nearly as good fisherman. We always come back with boat loads of fish and I have caught my personal best Yellowfin, Blackfin and Wahoo with Relentless. I highly Recommend Relentless!””

“My family had a great time. The fishing was great, constant action and BIG TUNA! When we got back to the marina, we were the only ones filleting fish and it was the weekend. I think we picked the right guy!”

“Joey and Neil are first class! I knew before I booked my trip with them that the big yellowfin bite was tough this year and I also knew they have been putting them in the boat while others were not. They made suggestions of what the best bite was but I had one fish in my cross hairs. A yellowfin over 100lbs. I gave them permission to burn as much fuel was needed to make it happen and they did next thing you know a 123lber over the side of the boat. We also caught a 50 lbs wahoo and mahi. They are also very accommodating and good guys to spend the day with. Well worth the money!!!”

“In the past three months, we've taken two trips with Joey and Relentless. This most recent trip was freakin' awesome. From start to finish Joey and Neil knew what we wanted and gave it to us. Joey put us on the fish immediately and the fun didn't stop there. We hooked into a ton of tuna, started with a nice YFT that got eaten by a shark before we got him in. We took in some nice Blackfin, and moved on from the shrimpin' boats and went a little deeper. That's when we got into some nice Yellowfin. We managed to get 3 lunkers in the boat. The biggest one was 150lbs. Needless to say, Joey knows what he is doing, he promised us fish- and he delivered. After the first trip this summer we were ready to come back, and tried out the September bite (we were told the fish would be bigger in late fall). Both trips were a success, and we ended up coming back with hundreds of pounds of fish. This will not be the last time we go to Venice to fish for these giants. Thanks again Joey!”

“I've been fishing with Captain Joey Davis for years and have never been disappointed. We fished Dec 2 and caught six yellowfin weighing in @ 600lbs on the scales. Trip before that we caught a 450lbs Blue Marlin. This guy is the real deal!!”

“Capt. Joey let us know ahead of time that the wind was going to be blowing and the ride would be bumpy and wet. We insisted on going so Joey and Neil did what they could to make the ride as comfortable as possible. They then proceeded to put us on the fish. They made bait and got more as the day went on. We were on the fish all day and had every opportunity to catch more than we did. They made it happen. Will definitely be back. Made that 18 hour venture from Oklahoma worth it.”

“Plain and simple, Joey and Neil will put you on the fish. It's not just a job to these two, they thoroughly love every minute of it. With their character and experience, not only will you catch fish, but you'll have a blast hanging out with them as well. Wouldn't go with anyone else.”

“All I wanted for my 30th birthday was to catch a Yellowfin Tuna. Thank you so much for the great trip! Relentless did not disappoint! I can't wait to book another trip!”

“These guys are top notch, they go above and beyond to make your fishing experience AMAZING! I would say it's a once in a lifetime, buttttt I'm definitely going again!”

“Captain Joey and Neil are a blast to fish with! Despite less than ideal weather conditions, they worked their tails off and got us on the fish. We had a great time and will certainly book another trip with them!”

“I had a great time getting my feet wet tuna fishing with Joey and Neil. They taught me a lot and I look forward to the next trip with them. They put in the extra effort to make sure we all got our butts whooped by the Floyd Mayweathers of the sea! We had the biggest fish by far of any other charters. It was an amazing trip and I wouldn't do it with any other crew than Relentless!”

“Just a few girls wanting to catch their first tunas, and Relentless Sportfishing did not disappoint! To the two best tuna captains in the gulf, THANK YOU for a great time, and for putting us on our first yellowfin tunas... Y'all went above & beyond our expectations for a great trip. If you want to be guaranteed some fish & a great time, I highly recommend Capt. Joey and Capt. Neil. It doesn't get much better.”