July fishing report

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July in Venice where do I start. I took some family time off for the 4th of July. And after that it was back down for pretty much the remainder of the month. At first the tuna bite was pretty slow so the main target was snapper,grouper and AJ. As everyone knows we had a summer of no current and dirty water out well past the Flemish Cap. So the bottom dwellers took up the slack for the tuna. It was just about three weeks of slim tuna fishing befor the tuna wanted to play again. But when they did it was like a light switch. We went from working like crazy for a couple to an average of 8 tuna a trip. I had the Peter Bondi group in for there annual week long trip. They are a group that no matter what is happening it always works out ten times better than anticipated. The first two days were spent bottom fishing with a twist we were doing it with flyrods. Peter managed three world records on fly. Only one will be accepted since someone cleaned the other two. We beat the Red Snapper 16lb record by a pound and a half and we shattered the two mangrove snapper records by over 6 pounds apiece. Peter wanted tuna or nothing on the third day and this was the day that kicked off the return of the tuna. We caught ten and a couple of dolphin for good measure. After that the tuna got back into their normal cycle and we are on an 8 tuna average now. The other high point was another flyfishing group comeing in to get a yellowfin on fly. We only manged to get one on fly but at least we manged to get the goal accomplished. There was also a green water sailfish to our credit. Most of the sails I have caught here have been little 30 to 40lbers but this was the biggest sail I have ever caught here. I am still waiting on the pictures of it. The rest of the trips consisited of solid tuna catches. I set a few other standards with the youngest angler to catch a tuna on my boat at 10 years old and the oldest at 72. It started out as an ok month but quickly switched over to a great month with the solid tuna bite. As long as August is half as good as July then a lot of tunafish are going to die. I have pictures coming in I just haven’t got them yet. It was fun just fishing and not worrying about posing for pictures or anything like that. It has been stick them with a gaff and get back to work.

Capt. Mike

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